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What To Do When Your iPhone Screen Breaks?

Smartphones are now part of our day-to-day life, meaning we carry them everywhere we go. Unlike telephones that live on a desk or a wall, mobile phones are susceptible to accidents. Dropping on hard surfaces, for example. Unfortunately, displays are among the most vulnerable parts.

Modern smartphone screens break easily. This is because they are made of thin glass. Also, there is a huge demand for large phones with a sleek design. Glass plus sleek is a combination that is challenging to produce. Most people see their phones as a daily necessity, because of this it is not that uncommon to see people using phones with broken screens because they are either too expensive to replace or not too much of an inconvenience for the user.

What can a cracked screen cause?

A cracked screen can have several implications on your phone. These include:

  • Vulnerable to Further Damage. A cracked screen leaves your phone exposed to more damage. The internal workings of your phone will be exposed and will gradually begin to malfunction.
  • Touch Screen will become Unresponsive. The touchscreen capabilities of your phone will become compromised the longer you delay repairing it.
  • Can Cause Splinters. Your iPhone or Smartphone touch screen is very delicate. If it’s been cracked, you’ll put your own fingers at risk from glass splinters. Contact our technicians and we can help you today.

How long will my phone last with a cracked screen?

The longer you leave your phone screen cracked, the more at risk you put it from breaking completely. No matter how severe the crack it; they’ll never get smaller, only bigger.

At Fixsquad we have done thousands of cracked screen repairs and we guarantee that our customers get the result they want.

crack screen

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Get in touch with us today or book an appointment. We are located in the heart of Dubai. Find us at Sheikh Zayed Road.

Let us go through some advice on what to do when your iPhone Screen Breaks:

  • Get Professional Help:

iPhones are precisely made machines, so in the process of figuring out how to fix a cracked iPhone screen yourself, you run the risk of doing even more damage. That’s why you should usually let a professional look at it.

  • Your iPhone Warranty:

Your Standard iPhone warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage to the screen, so if your iPhone is cracked, you will pay for the repair one way or the other.

  • Repair Immediately:

iPhone Screens are made of glass, when broken can create dangerous shards and sharp edges. So don’t put off repairing a broken screen. Assess the damage and ask yourself How broken is the screen? Is it a single hairline crack? Are there a few cracks? Is the screen completely shattered?

  • Backup Your Phone:

Saving a backup is always a good idea when your screen breaks, because at any time your iPhone may turn off and not turn on again until it’s repaired.

A Backup will help you not to lose any important data on your iPhone, including your photos and contacts. If your iPhone is too cracked to read the display, it should still be recognized by your Computer.

  • Get it Repaired by the best in the Market:

The experience of getting the broken screen repaired can be a mind consuming task. But it’s important to get it fixed by the hands of an expert. Now as you know Fixsquad is the best iPhone screen repair service in UAE. Tell us about the extent of the damage and our expert technician will be at your service.

  • Don’t Fix it Yourself:

We don’t encourage or recommend fixing your iPhone screens by yourself or your tech savvy friend. It is always a best option to take your iphone to an expert and get it fixed, instead of trying yourself and causing more damage.

Prevent iPhone Screen Damage in Future:

If your iPhone takes enough falls and abuse, it will eventually crack. You can always use the best ways to avoid or reduce the likelihood of cracked screens.

  • Screen Protectors/Cases:

The thin plastic screen protectors generally protect your screen from scratches or cracks. These Screen Protectors can  provide some safety that will reduce the possibility of damaging the screen.

Fixsquad have the expert technicians who can do a great job to your device. Our experts are well qualified and trustworthy for any kind of iPhone repairs in Dubai.

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