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Importance of Digital Marketing in 2021 : Top 20 Reasons You Need It

Since the invasion of digitization, the world has undergone a serious transformation, where businesses are of no exception. Companies have experienced a dramatic shift in their operational processes, whether to promote a brand or to reach target consumers.

Standing now, digital marketing in 2021 can be defined as a process for promoting business for an organization with the utilization of numerous forms of electronic media. It includes all kinds of electronic devices, various digital platforms such as websites, social media and other modes of digital platforms.

Additionally, introduction of internet has added an extra dimension to promote a product or brand.

Online operation of business has been an irresistible part of an organization, small or big.

In this topic, we are going to explore different reasons that will justify the reasons why an organization needs to put a footstep in the vast ocean of digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Into Action

Digital marketing is vast array of tools that include both online and offline methods. The majority of them such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, etc., are online ones where offline mode includes television ads, billboards, and signs.

In simple words, digital marketing is the advanced most relevant mode of marketing!

Unlike traditional mode of marketing, digital marketing is a two-way interactive platform that furnishes the opportunities for both the marketer and consumer to interact on the same table. Digital marketing is more customer-concentric and is much faster to reach wider range of consumers because, people, nowadays rely heavily on internet to make any decisions regarding a purchase.

Although there remains proximity to traditional marketing and digital marketing, the latter has been dominating the former for many reasons. Both of them being designed to extract mutual benefits for consumer and marketer, digital media has been preferred choice due to its cost-effectiveness, larger consumer reach, and lesser time consumption.

Majorities of the purchase are decided online!

For example, if you are about to buy a product or to avail services, initially what will you do? You will search the respective product or service over internet, go through product information and discuss it with your close acquaintances, follow up reviews and finally make a purchase from the best suppliers.

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An interconnected series of steps will facilitate to highlight its product and services for an organization a list them among the top results to increase the frequency of visitors.

  • Development of a web page that highlights all your products and services.
  • Inclusion of contents to keep the audiences informed about current industry status, issues and your ability to overcome those issues.
  • Then sharing the contents through social media platforms and maintain consumer engagement.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to remain in the top search results in times of someone seeking that kind of product and services.
  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic into your website and make visitors familiar with your product and services.
  • Remain connected with the consumers through email marketing to fulfill their further necessity for assistance.

All the steps involved in this process become effective in combination with one overlapping with the functions of the other.

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Purveyors encounter firm challenges posed by digital marketing. Rapid proliferation of digital marketing strategies compels marketers to adjust their strategies incompatible with trending working technique of these channels, receivers’ approaches to it and their utilization of these channels to market products.

Additionally, consumers are overwhelmed by ads from competing companies and it makes harder to gain receivers’ attention. Analysis and assessment of enormous data make it more difficult for marketers to implement effective marketing action.

Thus, professional approaches to assess consumer demands and prediction of market trends are requisite for you to prosper as business person. One of the major fundamentals of digital marketing that a marketer needs to realize current market trend.

For example, trends that are immensely popular for past week may not be effective for the next one.

A Quick Look At The Advantages Of Digital Marketing

Among the many advantageous features of strong online presence helps you many ways, a handful of them are

  • It helps you to reach target consumers at the right time through proper presentation of your products and services.
  • It will lead to increased awareness and consumer engagement in case of both pre and post-purchase situations.
  • An effective digital marketing strategy helps you to attract new consumers through social sharing and word-of-mouth.
  • New buyers turn int frequent buyers through an effective digital marketing approach.

Digital marketing enables an organization to re-anneal its business to better promote its products and brands, maintain consumer needs, and decrease its operational costs. The well an organization becomes able to exploit these resources the more an organization becomes able to withstand rivalry posed by competing companies.

First of all, you need to visualize your role as a digital marketer. Being a digital marketer you need to have efficient skills that empower you to conduct market research and implement appropriate operational functionality through analytic and assessment.

If you are too concerned about your position as a digital marketer and want to improve your marketing skills, the following link might be effective to justify your position as so:

Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing

Nowadays, internet has become part of the daily diet for commoners and business organizations are of no exception. As there remains sufficient audience bank over internet especially in social media, promoting business through these platforms has never been this effective. For this reason, an online presence is essential for you whether you are operating small business or a giant one, irrespective of the products and services you deliver.

Here mare top 20 reasons that will justify the need for digital marketing in your business.

  • Digital Marketing Is Affordable. As compared to another mode of marketing, digital marketing demands lesser expenses. However, prices may vary based on the type of platforms utilized, still its affordable one.
  • Provides Mobile Access. In today’s world, almost every single individual possesses smartphones that house opportunities for companies to target those customers by using different social media platforms.
  • It Is Flexible Enough. There are several modes of digital marketing such as digital signs and banners, email marketing, content marketing, and social media that provide ranges of strategies implemented further.
  • Helps In Business Expansion. As the number of people who prefer online shopping is gradually increasing, it provides you opportunities for attracting these people towards your business and increase sales.
  • Multimedia Content Helps In Attracting More Consumers. Several types of contents such as video, photos, and audio clips can be incorporated into digital marketing that helps to draw attention of more consumers.
  • Provides Platform For Interaction. Digital marketing can provide opportunities for dual-end interaction where you can directly communicate with your consumers. You can also gather as much information possible through comments and feed-backs.
  • It Authorizes You. You can have the authority to comment on controversies and issues related to your product and services. It allows you to regain the trust of the buyers and turn them into repeat buyers.
  • Surpass The Competitors. Digital marketing helps you to stand ahead of your consumers. By using SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing you can surpass your competitors in reaching as many audiences as possible.
  • Influencer engagement. Digital marketing empowers you to get involved with the influencing figures promoting themselves through online platforms. Consequently, their endorsement with you leads to acceptance of your products and services to their followers.
  • Less expensive than traditional ones. Digital marketing process consumers lesser expenses as compared to other conventional modes of advertising such as newspapers, TV or magazines.
  • Provides Source For Analytics. Unlike traditional mode of marketing, digital marketing provides a marketer analytical data regarding a campaign’s success rate.
  • Brand Value Establishment And Brand Recognition. Through succinct campaigns, digital marketing allows you to increase your brand recognition through prevailing potential marketing channels.
  • Development Of Trustworthy Relationships. Post-purchase relationships are digital marketing’s one of the most significant assets that provide you a psychological advantage over competitors. It creates value towards consumers and they become engaged in relationships with your company.
  • Consumers Become More Familiar With Your Products. Through different social media platforms, you can easily make more people familiar with your brands or products. It increases sales.
  • Direct consumer engagement. You can accumulate consumer approaches and reactions and utilize them to adjust your strategies in a more consumer-oriented way.
  • It Helps To Remain Trendy. Prior market analysis and measurement of contemporary market demands help you to remain up-to-date and maintain products according to the market trend.
  • Helps To Reach Target Customers In The Right Time. If you are about to target a particular demographic population, then digital marketing might be the best option for you. Based on profile information and public interactions you can reach your desired target population at the right place at the right time.
  • Helps In Understanding Consumer Behavior. You can assess consumer approaches and reactions against your products and services. This information can be used for understanding consumer psychology and buying behavior.
  • Dual End Interaction. Through digital marketing, consumers can reach you to provide feedback regarding product issues and you can also provide assistance to your consumers through digital channels such as emails, it leads to a happy and reliable consumer base.
  • Consumers Marches To Digital. Use of digital platforms especially social media is gradually increasing among commoners. This provides opportunities for marketers to exploit these advantages to reach more consumers.

Digital marketing plays a significant role in mediating buying behavior of the consumers. The above-mentioned causes are more or less of similar importance that furnishes an effective marketing strategy to achieve desired goals in business.


Marketing is probably the most important operational aspect for a business organization as it destined to reach its ultimate goal-customers!

Technological advancements and its subsequent effect on digitization have changed the world of marketing. Organizations are aided with numerous opportunities to stand apart from the herd of competitors through appropriate implementation of digital marketing strategy.

A proper marketing method not only helps you to spread awareness for your product and services among vast array of people but also helps to increase sales and revenue.

It’s up to you how much capability you possess to process market trends, predict appropriate consumer demands and make adjustments in operational processes accordingly. More you can adapt and utilize it, more benefits you can earn from your business.

Although implementation of digital marketing strategy requires campaigns and technological adoptions that demand both time and money, it bestows you with reach to broader range of consumers and develops relationships.

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